Delto GI Steel

Sections & Channels

Discover our extensive range of products, designed to meet your ceiling and partitioning needs with precision and reliability.

Ceiling Section

Our ceiling sections are engineered to provide robust support for suspended ceilings, ensuring stability and durability for your interior spaces. Crafted from high-quality materials, these sections offer superior load-bearing capacity and resistance to deformation.

Ceiling Angle

The ceiling angle is an essential component for suspended ceiling systems, providing a strong foundation for the ceiling grid. Our ceiling angles are manufactured to exacting standards, offering optimal strength and stability to your ceiling structure.

Intermediate Channel

Our intermediate channels are specially designed to connect and reinforce the ceiling grid, enhancing its structural integrity and longevity. Engineered for maximum performance, these channels ensure uniform weight distribution and secure attachment of ceiling panels.

Perimeter Channel

The Perimeter Channel plays a crucial role in framing and securing the edges of suspended ceilings, providing a neat and finished look to your interior spaces. Our perimeter channels are meticulously crafted to deliver precise alignment and seamless integration with the ceiling system.