Delto Roof

Delto Roof:

Our colour-coated roofing sheets are crafted with precision, offering exceptional durability, weather resistance, and aesthetic appeal. Available in a range of vibrant colours and finishes, these sheets not only protect your property but also enhance its visual appeal.

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Choose Delto Roof For Roofing Solutions That Blend Impeccable Beauty With Unmatched Quality

Superior Endurance

Delto Roof's PPGL sheets with Alu-Zn coating offer durability and outstanding corrosion resistance, with a high tensile strength exceeding 550 MPa for reliable load-bearing capability.

Aesthetic Excellence

Our color-coated sheets enhance any space with vibrant color and shine, elevating the aesthetic appeal of offices, warehouses, homes, and hotels alike.

Easy To Install

Easy installation is a key feature of our roofing sheets, designed for simplicity and efficiency during setup.

All Weather Protection

Our roofing sheets are processed with advanced technology to provide reliable protection against harsh conditions like hail storms and heat waves. Rigorous quality tests ensure the best for our customers.

Variety of Colors

Our color-coated sheets come in a wide range of vibrant colors that resist fading over time, ensuring lasting beauty for any architectural style.

Anti-Corrosive Coating

Our roofing sheets are equipped with an advanced anti-corrosive coating, providing reliable protection against rust and degradation over time.

Superior Paint Technology

Our roofing sheets feature a cutting-edge super paint technology for exceptional durability and color retention.

Anti-Fading Technology

Our color-coated sheets feature non-fading technology for vibrant, long-lasting colors. They're UV-resistant with advanced chemical treatment for extended durability.